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Golden Brown Benglish

(readers of “Apartment Life” may click here for Part Four)

It might be a little too soon since the last one, but here’s another round of Benglish, quotes from our toddler.

“Daddy, don’t wiggle the van.” (While I drove us along a road under construction.)

“My stomach-ache is growling.”

“No, don’t say,’Bummer.’ Surfers say, ‘Bummer.'”

“Don’t turn the fan on. Pee-pee does not stink. Because poop stinks.” (When I took him to go potty, he insisted that I not turn on the exhaust vent, which I was not even thinking of doing.)

“Don’t squeeze me. You might squash me.” (When he sat on my lap and I hugged him from behind. Apparently he has seen his mommy grab up crickets — we’re under siege — and squash them in a tissue or a square of toilet paper — which of course we can have Ben go get for us now.)

“Don’t eat my mac and cheese while I go potty.” (When we’re at a restaurant, he says things like this any time he has to leave the table to take care of business. We’ve never stolen his food. Honest.)

I can tell you this: nobody better steal this from me when I make it.


Behold the perfectly grilled turkey and provolone sandwich.

(Wow. Can you tell I was reaching for an excuse to post that photo?)

8 Responses to Golden Brown Benglish

  1. Hang on a second… !!

    Is that the face of the Virgin Mary I see!

    I’ll pay you $100 for that baby.

  2. *LOL* Yep, nice looking sammich bud..!

  3. Yuh-uh-mee. Recently I learned that you can dip a grilled cheese sandwich in batter before you grill it. I’m having a little problem with the idea. Sounds like d-oughverkill to me…
    Hey, didja ever try grilling a ham salad and provolone sandwich? OMG it’s good!
    (Take the $100 from the sucker and run!)
    Speaking of van-wiggling, did you read JuJuBee today???

  4. Simon – No, it’s Jerry Garcia, man.

    Dave – Yep, and it’s not chicken-fried (knew you’d appreciate that, Dave).

    Linda – Oh, have you not heard of a Monte Cristo? It’s a sandwich dipped in batter and deep-fried, served with raspberry dipping sauce on the side.

    Not into ham salad, but I’m into $100. Cough up, Simon. Jerry should go for more than the Virgin Mary, anyway.

    Just read JuJuBee. I contributed my opinion.

  5. Wow, she certainly promotes me, I hope she isn’t expecting payment…thanks for your opinion, Mark! I am loving the response and we really appreciate it. We’ll take all of the assvice we can get on the subject.

  6. I like turkey and provolone, but I’m not too sure about grilled..

    I like the Beglish quotes, though. They made me laugh. :]

  7. OK…What is exactly is JuJuBee? I have to assume that it’s a blog, but I don’t see a link to it. Is there such thing as a blogtease?

  8. JuJuBee – I hope that purchase goes well.

    Steph – Delicious either way. Maybe I’ll grill you one next time we’re all together.

    Charles – You can click on JuJuBee’s name in her comment above to see her blog. The picture over there is a bit of a tease, because it’s a wide shot.


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