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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost


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*Better than this, however, is using RSS feeds. Then you can be notified when comments appear, too, and stay closer to the conversation. You may use a program you install on your computer or an online service, each available for free. If you’re already a member of Yahoo! or Google, then you’re most of the way to the latter. See my post about RSS, including why it’s a great way to keep up with blogs, and a little bit of how-to.

2 Responses to Subscribe

  1. I guess I’ve subscribed more than once. I read your blog with great interst, more particularly wrt Ben and Shannon, of course, but find myself playing catchup because I can’t read as fast as you write! e-mail alerts would be useful.

    For some reason, your machine is not calling my machine, even tho I’m “subscribed.”

  2. Pops – Well, shoot. One of your old e-mail addresses was subscribed. I added the latest one that Shannon just gave me. We’ll see how that works for you.

    Glad you’re stopping by!


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