Regular Life

Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

Apple’s Move to Intel Threatens Linux

After reading a long article about Apple’s switch to Intel, I thought about it a bit. I’m thinking this move could help keep Linux from becoming more mainstream. Until Apple’s recent announcement, Linux was the only halfway viable alternative to Windows in Intel desktops. Still, running OSX (legally) and the apps for it (legally) on… (read more)

The Snake That Lived in Our Grill

We think maybe it was a black rat snake. It was some kind of king snake, anyway. He was fairly big, and took up residence in our grill between when we put our Missouri house on the market and when we sold it. I’m kind of glad he came back after the two times we… (read more)

Ben is Relentless

Ben loves to chase the dog. He’s relentless at times. We’ve tried putting him in his playpen for a couple minutes. We’ve tried slapping his leg. Nothing phases him. A moving target is just too much fun. Cockers are not known for getting along well with children, and Lexie, who lived with us for 10… (read more)

Garage Progress

The garage is one step closer. Saturday, while Ben spent some time with his grammy, I put together some metal shelves we bought for the garage. Then, we moved some things out to the driveway to make room to work. We emptied every box that said “garage” on it, with most of it going on… (read more)

Protected: What Ben Says

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