Regular Life

Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

Ben Makes Me Think

When I was playing with Ben in his room this weekend, I asked him if he could go get a car (which was in the living room). He said, “Yes,” and then as he stood up he looked at me, held out his balled-up hand toward me and said, “Wye back.” I could tell this… (read more)

Minivan Looks as Good as New

We had a misadventure with our minivan repair. It’s fixed now, and it looks good. The following is from a post I made on a blog I no longer use, back when we first had it “repaired” by somebody who turned out to be pretty much a hack. You won’t be surprised after reading this…. (read more)

Laptop Selloff Causes Melee

Just got this from a co-worker and had to share it. Richmond, Virginia’s Henrico County school district decided to sell a bunch of laptops for $50, and it turned into a mob scene, with one guy using a folding chair to swat line breakers like flies. Folks, they are four-year-old Apple iBooks used and carried… (read more)

Tried Something New Last Night

Stop that. This is a family blog. For our anniversary, we went to a place called Studio Movie Grill. Notice that they do not add the pretentious “e” on the end. I like that. My wife found out about it from a Mom’s Club member. It is a movie theater with several screens, on which… (read more)