Colors are Coming (Wandering Away from Work)


On my lunch hour Thursday I visited a spot that’s heavily wooded and bisected by a surprisingly full stream this time of year in north Texas (or anywhere else in the state, for that matter).

It’s a bit early yet for autumn’s most dramatic shifts in this area, so I decided to compose a shot after the enjoyable but photographically fruitless walk. I couldn’t identify the item in the center, but I’m pretty sure those flanking it are leaves.

I hope that wherever you live features season changes. There’s really nothing quite like when Nature puts on a full face of makeup and then abruptly washes it off to reveal the intricate structure underneath.

Discover or Re-Discover?

The feeling of discovery cannot be imitated intellectually or emotionally. I think that is why I typically favor visits to new places versus repeat trips, part ones versus sequels, et cetera.

Outdoor destinations, however, can offer something new with each visit. At the least, seasonal changes mean different colors and varied views, while weather patterns dictate daily and annual water flow. That is, if you live where the seasons actually change.

Besides flora, there’s fauna. I experienced that difference on my Monday visit to the circa 1874 Allen train dam, and for much of it I didn’t need open eyes.

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Court Squared (Wandering Away From Work Seven)

She showed me much more than I expected.

I wandered recently to downtown McKinney, Texas, my goal to see the inside of the former Collin County Courthouse. Now used to host live theater and small concerts, it is an historic building that for years I had seen only from the outside. From the ice cream crank-off to visits from family, friends, and for a photo shoot, I saw it as a centerpiece getting lost in the past while renovations went on all around it.

My vision, it seems, was lacking.

Downright HelicalI parked less than a block off the square, across the street from a staircase that always catches my eye but has eluded my camera. Not content merely to take a few shots of it from below, I carefully ascended the iron helix and snapped a few from the top. The weather was so nice I could have sat there all day watching the town bustle past.

Down from my perch, I crossed the street to the old courthouse and entered the basement doors. Straight ahead I saw several women, most of them sitting on the floor, working to decorate a room in Relay for Life banners.

“May I help you?” asked a woman as she approached.

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Final Resting Place (Wandering Away from Work Six)

As one who brings his lunch to work, I rarely get out of the office until quitting time. When the weather’s right, however, I can be found wandering away from work. I have made a few discoveries along the way.

Final Resting Place

I saw this on a walk back from my mechanic’s garage, the same day that I captured WAW Five. It made me wonder how many other countries so revere their flag that they carefully document how to display it, care for it, and dispose of it. The Veterans of Foreign Wars no doubt could teach all of us a lot about respect for country.

Nikon D50
Nikon 18-55mm f/3.5 – 5.6G AF-S ED DX
1/3200 sec
Aperture Priority
Spot Metering