Thematic Photographic 207

Discarded on Men's Room FloorOkay, so it wasn’t taken with a smartphone, as described in the Thematic, but it was too similar to Carmy’s for me to resist sharing. I shot this in the office’s men’s room, where I was not expecting it. Yes, I hoped nobody would walk in while I snapped a pic. I used a pocketable camera, so that almost counts in the Thematic, right? (click to enlarge it)

Small Thing or Big?

Sometimes it’s the small things that make the biggest difference, especially for parents.

I was reminded of that on Sunday when replacing our kitchen faucet, and then again by Canadian technology columnist and broadcast personality Carmi Levy in a Monday blog post.

Estimated at 45 minutes, including removal of the old faucet, my job ballooned to three hours. I have done this before, and it was a fairly smooth and painless process. This time, however, the hot water shut-off valve was not quite stopping the flow, so I had to turn off the supply to our house.

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Eventual DIY

Sometimes I start a project and don’t finish it before getting involved in another, but I really outdid myself on this one. In March 2010, I replaced our kitchen faucet and two bathroom faucets (including the drain plug, which makes it a much more formidable project considering my experience level). The biggest problem with this is that I replaced only one of the his and hers matching faucets, and the one I didn’t replace was my wife’s. Yeah, bad move, right?

More than a year later, I completed the project, but it’s a little too late to say I redeemed myself.

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As of March 2010*

As of May 2011

* – The iPod Touch was not part of the project, besides a way to listen to “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me” podcasts.

It’s Snot Rocket Sinus

(Those of you reading “Shootings” will need to wait a little longer for the next chapter.)

My six year-old son brings a roll of toilet paper to me and it’s damp. All the way through.

My mind immediately traces that toilet paper back to its origin — under the guest bath sink. Fortunate to be seated on the world’s most renowned thinking chair, I Sherlock Holmes the case for about five seconds and realize that there must be a leak.

All because I just had to Tim Allen it and change out the faucet and drain plug assembly all by myself.

I lay a lot of the blame at my wife’s feet, of course, because she’s the one who proudly presented three brand new faucets to me. I have installed two of them, and now our double vanity is mismatched quite badly. Her side features the stock, chrome-colored plastic fixtures, while mine boldly states its presence with sophisticated metal that purports to be not black but looks a lot like it to me and the wife.

But back to the leak.

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