Woman in Red Heels (Pic of the Week)


I’m resurrecting Pic of the Week for this, my first in an album called “Candids.” I’ve taken to taking my camera into restaurants and stores and snapping pictures where I normally would not. I read of a technique where the photographer casually lets his or her arms hang down, holding the camera at or just below waist level. Without even looking at the screen, so as not to draw attention, the photographer then uses a thumb (usually his or her own) to depress the shutter button. (click the pic to enlarge)

Usually I strike out badly because there’s almost no composition involved and I haven’t figured out the angles yet. This time, however, I was sitting and placed my camera on the chair next to me, using the self-timer to keep it sharp without cranking up the ISO.

Photo Tech
Camera …. Canon PowerShot S95
F-stop … f/8
Shutter Speed Value … 1/3 sec
Exposure Program … Aperture Priority
Focal Length … 105 mm
ISO … 80
Metering Mode … Spot

Sucker for a Sunset (Pic of the Week)


This is one of those categories that color photography broke wide open. Prior to that, I’m sure sunset photos had some interesting textures thanks to clouds and maybe bony trees, but for me they’re all about the colors. In fact, I find in sunsets three colors that don’t usually appeal to my anywhere else — pink, orange, and purple. Something about seeing them painted across the sky sends them to the top of my favorite color list. Red’s often there, too, but I always like red.

Technical Details:
Camera: Canon PowerShot S95
Aperture: f/8
Focal Length: 105mm
ISO: 80
Shutter Speed: 1/30 sec

Four Things About This Photo

(Note: Those reading “Shootings” may continue to Part Twelve)

Photo by my lovely wife (click either pic to enlarge).

There are several things going on in this picture.

  1. Benjamin is in the hallway, and the light is shining from the bathroom where I lie quite uncomfortably under the sink installing the new faucet (previous post covers that),
  2. he is dressed as a cowboy in Christmas pajama pants and my hiking boots (the latter of which I had used just about an hour before on Benjamin’s first time sledding in the spring snow),
  3. he’s holding his way cool six-shooter Nerf dart gun that we threw away weeks later, after he threw it in anger, and
  4. the flash didn’t fire when my wife took the picture.

That last point was the one I came out here to make. I like the motion effect it caused, but it was a bit too dark and the white balance was way off. I don’t know that I improved it any, but it was fun to play with it.