Pic(s) of the Week and 12 questions

Wye Mountain again

Look in the left center of this shot to get an idea how far back the flowers go. If you read my story “Talk With a Killer,” then you know why I posted this pic. My only other pics are on medium format negatives, and I have no idea where the prints are.

The only good wide shot I could find features people I didn’t want to post here, so you get two shots that try to convey the breadth of Wye Mountain’s daffodil field. That is, if you keep reading.

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Picture Spyder Poop Music

Headstand at Twin Falls

Picture of the Week

I finally hooked my film scanner up again after almost two years of collecting dust. My test scan worked, so you get a picture of me standing on my head in one of my favorite spots.

I took my lovely wife to this spot once, and she was a trooper. It’s a 5.6-mile roundtrip over a rugged trail barely discernable from the rest of the forest. The hike includes walks along cliff edges and slippery climbs up muddy hillsides, with Richland Creek visible the entire hike.

It’s in the Richland Creek Wilderness, an intense concentration of beauty in the Ozark National Forest. I’ve never found an area in Arkansas more scenic and secluded.


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Picture of the Week

Ben Swings

This was about three minutes before Ben took his first fall from the swing. He just straightened his legs out too much (not because he was swinging himself — he doesn’t do that yet), and slid right off the seat and onto the ground. He landed on his bottom, then hit his head. The experience, which brought on numerous but short-lived tears, did not stop him from getting right back on within five minutes. There’s not much that can keep him off his swing.

Picture of the Week will feature whatever hits me at the time. Nature, people, travel — whatever, from the past and present. I don’t know that it always will appear on the same day, but I hope you enjoy.

Nikon Phasing out Film Cameras

On a recent canoe trip, I wanted to take a camera, but didn’t want to risk dunking my expensive equipment. I took along my cheap, manual Nikon FM10 body and a manual lens. The camera has only one small battery, for the light meter, and can take pictures without any battery at all. It’s extremely lightweight and great for hiking and backpacking, too.

Thanks to an announcement this week by Nikon, I might not have that option much longer.

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