Thematic Photographic 207

Discarded on Men's Room FloorOkay, so it wasn’t taken with a smartphone, as described in the Thematic, but it was too similar to Carmy’s for me to resist sharing. I shot this in the office’s men’s room, where I was not expecting it. Yes, I hoped nobody would walk in while I snapped a pic. I used a pocketable camera, so that almost counts in the Thematic, right? (click to enlarge it)

Thematic Photographic #134 – Strangers

This week’s Thematic Photographic, the brainchild of Carmi over at Written, Inc., is “Strangers.” As a hobbyist whose primary subject was landscapes before moving to north Texas, I have had a bit of trouble shifting into a more urban-minded mode. Part of that is street scene photography, and inevitably a stranger will be in the shot. This week’s theme is about that — taking pictures of strangers, and just what that means to them and to the one behind the shutter.


I got over the shyness of it all while I worked as a photojournalist years ago, and now I do have a bit of trouble remembering that it isn’t my job anymore to document what other people do.

I took this picture while on a work trip in Memphis, Tennessee, in summer 2008. I was wandering Beale Street alone and saw these two young ladies posing for a camera. They looked over at me only briefly and didn’t say anything or show disapproval, so I kept the shot. That isn’t exactly a release form, but I wasn’t exactly planning to use it as a teaser photo on the news page that comes up when you sign out of Yahoo! Mail (maybe that joke is too specific).

Project Black (The First)

(Note: I have posted Part Five of “The Keys Are In It,” which brings two of our main characters together. Sorry it’s been a while. You might want to start at the beginning to refresh your memory.)

The Peabody
(click to enlarge)

I shot this Sunday night while strolling in Memphis. I figured a B&W conversion gave it a classic look. We plan to see the famous Peabody Hotel Ducks before we leave town.

My previous post also features photos that fit this project, and I get the feeling not many folks saw it on Friday.

You may also enjoy visiting Anna Carson Photography, the founder of Project Black, and the more than 90 participants.

I Never Saw a Blue Horse (Project Blue 01)

I grabbed my camera Tuesday, on what seemingly was a routine trip to take Homer to the body shop and to help Shannon’s mom move refrigerated items to her new house.

“I gotta be ready for Project Blue,” I told Shannon.

Later, as we headed out to the car to go home, I noticed blue sawhorses blocking the driveways of vacant townhomes. Naturally, I had to take pictures. I fired off a few, standing and lying down, tilting the camera to get a new look each time.

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Goldeneye and Scaly (Project Green 03)

Trying to keep the 18-month old from splashing into the pond and the two pre-schoolers from walking into the black snake’s lair, I flipped open my mobile phone and called up to the house.

I had the wrong lens for the picture I was going to take, and the kids were bound to scare away my already suprisingly bold subject.

“Could you or somebody else please bring my blue camera bag down here? I need something from it, but I’m trying to keep the kids from drowning.” I said.

“Sure,” said my mother-in-law.

A couple minutes went by. I looked at the water. Yep, he was there, still as stones.

Shannon’s cousin arrived with the bags and grabbed up his son. Free to shoot pics at will, I swapped out my wide-angle for my telephoto, lay down on my belly, and rested my camera on a metal post that helped hold up the retaining wall.

I had never been that close before; I was in perfect position.

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