Lessons To and From Ben

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Ben’s first time using a computer — just this morning. By the way, that’s just a spare computer running Vista Business for testing. That explains the TV tray. Okay, now I’ve made the wife happy.

Ben typed (lots of “B”) in NoteTab Light and used the mouse in Paint. So, he’s learning.

He was so proud to be typing for real. He sometimes walks up to that TV tray and pushes the button on the monitor, then types on the keyboard while staring at the “No Signal” floating around on the screen. “I’m checking e-mail for my blog,” he says. Today, I finally booted up the computer for him. He was beaming.

But before that…

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Girlfriend Drama Begins

I love to post about firsts. The following is a guest post from a long-time friend, and it is relevant to all parents, but especially to those of boys. He reads and comments here on occasion, when he’s not busy working, helping rear two upstanding young boys, or watching the Razorbacks. The text that follows he originally sent as an e-mail to me and another guy he’s known even longer. (I edited it for punctuation, but didn’t change any wording at all.) Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Since I do not blog or anything like that, I do not have a place to let friends in on some of the great drama of having a pre-teen. I thought you two would enjoy this story since you two walked with me through the highs and lows of dating during High School.

My older son, Cal (11), has always been anti-girls. This was until the last couple of months. He is in the 5th grade and the girlfriend/boyfriend thing has begun. He has been asked by some girls to “go out” (you know they call it something different all of the time), but has refused — mainly I thought because of fear, but I have learned that he has criteria.

There is a girl that meets that criteria and he told me about her about two weeks ago.

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