Things That Don’t Talk

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On the way back from the mechanic just this morning:

Ben: Things that don’t talk don’t have names.
Me: Really? Cassie doesn’t talk, but she has a name.


Ben: Some things that have a mouth don’t talk.
Me: That’s true.
Ben: (Points to a Walgreen’s) See that building? It doesn’t talk.

This is another of those forays into logic that has me at once proud and a little bewildered. I just love that he thinks so much.

Now, if we could just get him to understand when it is and is not okay to ask, “Why?” I’m all for questions, but after only a week, it’s starting to get old. We’re finding ourselves saying, “Because I said so,” and we wince every time.

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The One Who Calls me Dad

Okay, so usually it’s, “Daddy.” (click for big and sharp)

Above, Ben plays during a friends’ birthday party a couple weeks ago. I cropped it to get rid of the annoying glare from the flash (because I didn’t have an hour to fix that before posting this).

So far, it’s a great Father’s Day. Shannon got up with Benjamin (usually my gig on weekends) and I later awoke at 8:50 to my son saying, “Surprise! Happy Father’s Day!”

Then he ran back to his room and started hailing his mother. “Come on, Mommy, come play with me.”

Fast forward to breakfast. I scarfed a bowl of Kellog’s Organic Frosted Mini Wheats (it honestly just tastes better, but the organic part is fine, too). Ben ate a whole-grain toaster waffle (it honestly just tastes better, but… ah, nevermind — it’s whole-grain, so it must be good).

Ben chomped some grapes while I looked up Shrek the Third playing times at our local cheapie first-run theater. We’re going to see it as a family.

Then with the cards and gifts.

Great Father’s Day so far.


It was a great day. After Shrek the Third (it was just okay) we spent part of the rainy afternoon inside playing with Ben’s cars. During a lull in the downpour, all four of us (that includes Cassie the dog) took a neighborhood walk together. I had a blast pushing Ben around on his Rock, Roll, ‘n’ Ride XL, and Shannon kept Cassie from doing her business on neighbors’ yards.

Then it was off to On the Border for dinner. I must recommend their Southwest Chicken Soft Tacos — fajita chicken, fried onions, and creamy jalapeño lime sauce.

Donuts, Dads, and Dilbert

Ben and I just returned from the donut shop. We made the trek to Krispy Kreme this time because his mommy loves a donut filled with white creme, not the custard that all the other donut shops use (trust me, I’ve done my own research). Holy gods of greed and gluttony, those donuts are expensive!

I have a question today: What in the name of civil engineering are contractors doing when they lay sand-filled tubes across street storm drains? On the way back from Krispy Kreme, I had to move into the left lane to avoid a 50-yard long, six-inch deep lake formed by rain water that had nowhere to go.

Shannon’s still sleeping, in anticipation of letting me sleep in on Father’s Day. Of course, for me that usually means waking up at 8 instead of 6:15, but it’s a nice break. Happy Father’s Day to all you guys out there doing the dad thing.

Mostly I wanted to share a link I enjoyed because I’m forever curious about how artists fill their days. Dilbert cartoonist/author/restaurant co-owner Scott Adams writes a very entertaining blog, sometimes random, sometimes political, always funny. Friday he posted all day, from 5 a.m. to 5:15 p.m., including the development of a strip to be used in August.

I found it fascinating, and hilarious.

In Mom and Charlton Heston I Trust

How much do you trust your own mother? What about when you were a teenager?

This past week, for the first time, I watched Planet of the Apes, original Charlton Heston version — a true master class for over-actors. I already knew the ending, just as The Sixth Sense reveal was ruined for me, which robs the movie of at least 50% of its impact. I should know by now to watch movies with twist endings before the whole world has seen them and spoilers become part of everyday conversation. That and don’t thumb through Entertainment Weekly in a waiting room.

Stay with me. This still comes around to my mother.

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