Shannon and the Grand Tetons

My wife and I were less than 60 miles from one of the world’s most scenic places, but didn’t go.

Less than 60 miles.

What were we thinking?

I’ve never been one to follow the big crowds, and I don’t do things just because they’re popular. To that end, sometimes I’m so stubborn I avoid something I might actually like. It’s true that the vapid often gets more than its share of attention, but occasionally something is popular because it’s really frickin’ cool to most people. I still allow myself to think I’m not like “most people,” and I could argue that recent posts here prove that (for better or worse).

But, boy oh boy, am I kicking myself for this one.

(clicking the pictures will not do much in this time)

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Adventures with My Dad (Pic of the Week)

Distant peek at the Blue Hole (cropped — click for bigger and better).


Zip line fun at Blue Hole.

I never liked hunting with my dad. I never cared to have a beer with him. Despite his love for both those activities (but never simultaneously), they just weren’t things I shared with him.

Nor with anyone else. You see, it wasn’t my dad; I just didn’t like to hunt or drink beer.

Both put me at a great disadvantage in college. I often stopped by a guy’s dorm room or apartment, and it went something like this:

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Give it just a moment to start playing after you click the “play” button.

This is just the beginning of adventure for these guys.

If the above player either isn’t there or doesn’t work for you, then you may download the video here (I suggest saving it and then playing it):

For those already up-to-date on their story…

The local street department forwarded my e-mails to a Texas Department of Transportation official, who summarily ignored my calls and e-mails regarding the persistent trash.

Everyone else…

For the full story, with more pictures, video, and reader commentary, see:

Blue Straw

“Sophisticated Maybe”
by beatbox flutist Tim Barsky. Other free downloads are available at his site.

Sony DCR-HC30 miniDV Camcorder
Olympus D-20 Digital Voice Recorder
Core Sound Low Cost Binaural Microphones
Homebrewed Computer

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My Favorite Place (Pic of the Week)

Twin Falls at Devil’s Fork (click pic for bigger and sharper)
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One of the many hidden gems of Arkansas, and my favorite place, is the Richland Creek Wilderness.

To get there, you don’t pay admission. You don’t have to stop at a gatehouse and tell the nice ranger you’re just stopping in for a little sight-seeing.

What you do have to do… is drive one of the curviest backcountry highways in the South, leave it behind for several miles of a washed-out gravel road, cross your fingers that you can even find it at all, and forget you’ve ever seen the movie Deliverance.

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Not Mere Woods

Nope, it’s Muir Woods. Pronounced the same, but spelled diffurnt.

Click pic to enlarge and sharpen. Download wallpaper here.

Named after naturalist and conservationist John Muir, this forest just outside San Francisco is beset with the most majestic trees I could hope to see. They’re so tall and so dense (in most areas) that their canopy allows no more light than required by the smallest undergrowth. Everywhere I looked, I got the feeling I was in nature’s cathedral.

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