iPod Touch (Myself)

Steve Jobs and his minions have made it very easy to have fun with a portable computer — and very simple to sit and consume like good little, umm… consumers. Despite his best efforts, I have survived my first two weeks with the marvelous iPod Touch without buying an app or a song or a movie (oh my!).

I have consumed plenty of data, and I have spent a lot of time — maybe too much time, but I have used it to create, too.

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Playin’ the Ice Cream Crank-Off (Live Sounds)

(Click any pic to enlarge, and just click the “play” button to listen)

I parallel park Homer along a city street just two blocks off McKinney’s downtown square. Alvis and I grab our cameras — similar Nikon DSLR’s — and meander across the road.

As I step onto the opposite sidewalk, I see a dejected clown coming right for me. He is not smoking a cigarette, but he looks like he wants to be. We sidestep Sparkles and stroll along to a street barricaded at one end by a stage.

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Texas Doesn’t Need Salvador Dali (Pic of the Week)

I bound down the stairs and out the door to my car. I squint against the sun and nearly speed walk to my parking spot. Although it’s 90 degrees outside, after eight hours of air conditioned existence I look forward to the intense and welcoming warmth of my car.

Cardinals chirp in nearby woods while mockingbirds sing their protest songs.

As I turn the key to unlock the driver’s side door, on the passenger’s seat I notice something brand new to me (click any pic to enlarge).

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CD or not CD?

As I turned the screws for the wall-mounted Ikea CD racks, purchased at least a year ago to get our collection out of the closet, I listened to my iPod shuffle (2nd generation, bought as a refurb), loaded mostly with music that I do not own on CD.

Once the three racks were soundly mounted on the wall studs, I took stock of the artists’ names on the CD spines: 10,000 Maniacs, Indigo Girls, Pearl Jam, Prince, Extreme, Big Audio Dynamite, Sarah McLachlan, Erasure, Yaz, King’s X, The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Lightning Seeds, PM Dawn, and many more.

Notice a pattern there?

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Free Christmas Songs Revisited

Okay, it’s Christmas Eve, so below is the link to the songs that I first posted in 2006. They’re sung by a madrigal group my wife was in back in college. If you like the samples, then download the full versions and put them on your favorite music player, or burn them to CD.


Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it. Happy Holidays to those who do not.