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In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

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Have to share a dad thought (or more). Ben loves to say new words, and often will repeat one until someone else says it in recognition. He always has had a bit of trouble with the word “placemat.” We have a few that only Ben uses, because they do not soak up spills like our… (read more)

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We’re back from vacation, and after two days of work, real life is back in full force. Typically, I come home from work, and then spend time with Ben until I bathe him and put him to bed. We don’t even turn on the TV until after he’s in bed. It’s just a distraction from… (read more)

I Yike it a Yot

This weekend, I managed to install two more of our ceiling fans. Living pretty much anywhere in Texas without fans is not recommended. The second one went in Ben’s room, and after I finished it, he looked up and said, “Ben’s san.” Now, Ben doesn’t use the”f” sound yet. Instead, he uses the “s.” I… (read more)

Ben Makes Me Think

When I was playing with Ben in his room this weekend, I asked him if he could go get a car (which was in the living room). He said, “Yes,” and then as he stood up he looked at me, held out his balled-up hand toward me and said, “Wye back.” I could tell this… (read more)