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In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

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Shootings (Part One)

Shootings is a story about two men with completely different goals, and how their actions affect the same group of women. It will unfold here in serial format. Part One “Way too much cleavage, Brenda. Just too much skin, in general. You should wear something a little more tasteful than that. Maybe a one-piece.” said… (read more)

The Keys Are In It (Part Two)

(Note: If you’re just now tuning in, see the short Part One first. I will move this tale to my story blog after this chapter.) Doug wolfed down a couple ham and cheese HotPockets and showered for work. His company’s willingness to let him set his own work shift had saved him a lot of… (read more)

The Keys Are In It

It all started out as a simple trip to donate leftover garage sale items to Goodwill. It wasn’t dark, but it was getting stormy. Alex noticed that the SUV parked in the neighbors’ driveway was empty, but its headlights shone on the garage door. They had SUV’s of the same make and model but two… (read more)

Bernie (Part One)

She woke to the sun shining through her room window. “Well, Bernie,” she muttered to herself, “you lived to see another day.” She sat up and straightened her arms above her head to stretch. Her shoulders popped. Her eyes still fuzzy, she could just make out her water bottle, a plastic gallon milk jug. It… (read more)