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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

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Good Girl

3754 The canine may no longer be the top dog since we’ve had a child, but she still rates pretty high. Here she rests contentedly while the boy works on his diorama, just an hour or so after happily submitting to his belly rub. (click pic to enlarge) Things weren’t always that smooth between the… (read more)

Branson Delights

3612 At first I was going to write about Branson and how most of its visitors have all of their teeth — that it isn’t merely a hotbed of former music and comedy stars who set up shop when Las Vegas either doesn’t appeal to them or doesn’t want them. It was going to be… (read more)

Unexpected Pleasures (Ozarks Weekend Part 7 – redux)

(continued from Part 6) Disclaimer: there is no simple way to get out of that area of Arkansas. True, the signs there really mean it when they proclaim “Scenic Drive,” but they also can make you laugh when they warn, “Crooked and Steep next 14 miles.” Um, the next 14? What the heck would you… (read more)