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In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

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Hurricane Katrina comes to Texas

A woman whose family evacuated from Jefferson Parish, Louisiana (just west of New Orleans) is visiting our site today. Her company is a customer, so it’s not just a personal side trip. She and her husband, currently staying in Conroe, TX (just north of Houston), do not know whether their house is still standing, and… (read more)

Hurricane Katrina again

This is all over the news and everybody knows about it, but this would not be a personal journal, a record of my life, if I didn’t comment on Hurricane Katrina. It’s just awful. All those people displaced, many mourning their losses, or unsure whether loved ones survived. Pets left for what their owners thought… (read more)

Hurricane Katrina and My Reporting

At lunch yesterday as I munched on my canned tuna, Zesta saltines, and baby carrots, I for once paid attention to the television in the break room. Hurricane Katrina was on her miserable march up Louisiana and Mississippi, leaving little room for stupidity. Yet CNN had an innumerable supply of reporters, borrowed and their own,… (read more)

Laptop Selloff Causes Melee

Just got this from a co-worker and had to share it. Richmond, Virginia’s Henrico County school district decided to sell a bunch of laptops for $50, and it turned into a mob scene, with one guy using a folding chair to swat line breakers like flies. Folks, they are four-year-old Apple iBooks used and carried… (read more)

Origin of Phrases

That’s a true statement (and other sayings) I try not to judge people by the words they use, because I sometimes catch myself using annoying phrases. There’s a guy within earshot up here at work who keeps saying, “That’s a true statement,” and I’m about to throw my Tangle over the cubicle wall at him…. (read more)