Garage Progress

The garage is one step closer. Saturday, while Ben spent some time with his grammy, I put together some metal shelves we bought for the garage. Then, we moved some things out to the driveway to make room to work. We emptied every box that said “garage” on it, with most of it going on the new shelves. My wife’s organizational bent amazes me.

I’m pretty sure part of me melted when I went into the attic to measure the space for putting down plywood (or whatever is good these days). We’ll get that done one of these days, and then maybe get our cars in the garage.

We won’t be putting as many books on display in this house as we usually do. There just isn’t room, and we really don’t need to be reminded visually of what books we’ve read. All those paperbacks just take up space. Oh no, now I’m starting to sound like her! She’s killing my inner packrat!

Mowing Misadventure

I got out there and was ready to mow the new lawn for the first time. I had my new Black and Decker Grasshog, no-bump feed, 5.5 amp, electric weed trimmer that, with just the flip of a switch and a flick of the wrist, becomes an edger.

An extension cord was nowhere to be found. We had boxed it up for the move, and I didn’t have time for a swim in the sea of boxes our garage had become.

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Actual Description

Found this verbiage on a set of Dragon multimedia speakers:

High Power For Your Good Music
(picture of cannonball with a burning fuse)
For people who love their favorite music, this speaker has wonderful power output to handle your music. No matter what kind of music you like, it always tries its best to satisfy you.

These speakers came with a DIY kit I bought from Tiger Direct to build my own computer. I can honestly say that the speakers satisfy me, but I have no idea whether they are trying their best to do it. What I want to know is… what kind of power do they provide for my least favorite music? That’s the trick of it. I’ll never be able to test that part, because I’ll never play my least favorite music. Wow. Those marketing geniuses.