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In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

Catching the Action (Pic of the Week)

He stands on the balls of his feet between the poolside ladder’s safety rails, heels hanging over the water, facing me. The artificially turquoise waves dance below, waiting eagerly to envelop him.

He covers his mouth and nose with one hand and falls backward without bending. His back smacks the water loudly, muffled slightly by his swim shirt, and as he sinks the water quickly sloshes back in to complete his temporary translucent burial.


I review my results on my camera’s LCD.

His head breaks the surface and he rubs his fingertips over his eyes to clear them. “Did you get that one, Dad?” he asks through a wide smile.

“It was pretty good, but can you go again?” I say.


Rarely when you miss capturing a moment do you get to try again. That moment at a wedding when the groom kisses the bride — sure, you can do a set-up shot, but it just isn’t the same. Same goes for that hug between a diploma-wielding graduate and a teary-eyed, seldom seen relative.

You miss those moments and, well, they’re just gone.


When taking action shots of a seven-year-old jumping into a swimming pool? Opportunities abound. My wife certainly took advantage while I threw the boy up in the air.

My son loves the water and all the wet fun it brings. He wears a swimming shirt that I’m certain must deaden the impact, because he has virtually painlessly performed several huge belly flops and more than one Nestea plunge. If it hurts, then he hides it very well.

Ah, those lazy, crazy days of summer.

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One Response to Catching the Action (Pic of the Week)

  1. Great pics Mark! I need to get a camera that does action shots. I am taking all of my pics lately on my Iphone. I did buy a flip video camera for my department at work and have a great video of the boys and I doing cannon balls. The plan was to post it on my blog but I will have to upgrade to that and I would like a little more blogging history before I fork out cash.

    I love the description of Ben hitting the water as well – you are still great with words my friend.


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