Regular Life

Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

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First Best Friend (excerpt)

I sat in Mrs. Davis’ second-grade room, probably working on math problems, and noticed a classmate’s pencil moving in rapid, jerking motions. Ever curious and seeking any excuse to talk, I peeked over his shoulder to see what the brow furrowing was all about. His right hand worked his trusty No. 2 pencil on a… (read more)

Downtown Loner

(Note: Those reading “Shootings” may continue with Part Thirteen) 2962 I had Saturday night to myself. Despite knowing about it at least five days in advance, I waited until the night before to make plans. Hint: if all of your friends are married, and especially if they have children, DON’T DO THAT. Sure, I could… (read more)

Four Things About This Photo

(Note: Those reading “Shootings” may continue to Part Twelve) 29482951 Photo by my lovely wife (click either pic to enlarge). There are several things going on in this picture. Benjamin is in the hallway, and the light is shining from the bathroom where I lie quite uncomfortably under the sink installing the new faucet (previous… (read more)