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On Lines of Gossamer (or, Spiderman was here)


This view is thanks to the only hilly stretch of my morning commute, which puts the powerlines in direct sunlight against a dark background (click the pic for a better look). It always makes me imagine that a spider has been up to some tricks overnight. This is the first time I have photographed it in the nearly five years we have lived here, so please excuse the hurried shot through the windshield.

Honestly, I’m not sure any (safe) standing position would afford me this view. I keep intending to toss my son in the car on a Saturday or Sunday morning and go check it out but, you know, best-laid plans and all that.

2 Responses to On Lines of Gossamer (or, Spiderman was here)

  1. It would be cool to catch that same shot in the morning after a night-time rain storm, so the sun would be glinting off the water droplets like it does off a REAL LIVE SPIDER WEB!

    Still an engaging shot, Mark, and I always like your photo captions when expandinating the thumbnail pics.

  2. Hmm… after a rain. I’ll have to watch for that. Seems to only rain at night here, and then the wind blows like hell so that nothing that high and thin would still have water on it.


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