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Regular Life

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A Very Branson Holiday (Part 3)

A photographic round-up of the Silver Dollar City Christmas train ride. (as usual, click a pic to enlarge it)
My mom tries to finish off a piece of fudge while the rest of our crew poses. My brother was sober, I assure you.

Train Ride    Barn Lights

I cropped the following pictures. Hey, I get to cheat a little while I’m stuck in a train seat, right? I also turned the old storyteller black and white, because the light shining on him made him look like a Smurf.

Coaster Sunset    Story of Christmas

2 Responses to A Very Branson Holiday (Part 3)

  1. Great pictures…. especially I love the Coaster Sunset one!!!

    Merry Christmas Mark, Shannon and Ben. All the best to your whole families.

  2. Heck, Mark, with that beard the storyteller would have looked like Papa Smurf in the blue light. You totally should have stuck with that. Honest!

    Also, I don’t believe for a second that Charles is sober. You’re just sticking up for your older brother, and I can respect that. I expect my younger brother would do the same for me. It’s what a tight family does. (Cover up for each other’s dirty little secrets, I mean.)


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