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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

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Death is at every turn lately. It has affected three folks who have commented here at least once — one of whom is a dear friend. Within the past two weeks: Alvis’ uncle, age 52, died suddenly and unexpectedly, Jay’s best friend, age almost 30, did the same, but in completely different circumstances, and Carmi’s… (read more)

Penguins Can Fly

[photopress:DSC_9300_sm_blog.jpg,full,pp_image] (click to enlarge)   Alvis and I enjoyed a much more relaxing time the next morning, right about sun-up. Fog lingered in the launch field, so some in this photographic round-up are a bit hazy. Enjoy and, as usual, click any pic to enlarge it (none of these were cropped).

Balloon Fest 2009

[photopress:DSC_9180_sm_blog.jpg,full,pp_image] (click to enlarge)   The phrase “I told you so” has become tired from overuse, but sometimes it fits a situation perfectly. Take our Saturday adventure at Plano Balloonfest 2009, for example. “I don’t want to go outside at Balloonfest,” Benjamin said. “I want to go inside at Balloonfest.” Usually he would rather play… (read more)

White Hot (Pic of the Week)

[photopress:DSC_8932_sm_blog.jpg,full,pp_image] (click to enlarge)   You might feel like you’ve seen this photo already, but you haven’t. It only resembles some of the others from our 17th Anniversary trip to Austin. Recently it took over wallpaper duties on my work laptop, and really pops on my cubicle’s 20-inch flatscreen LCD.

If You Want, I Can Fly

[photopress:IMG_1403_sm_blog.jpg,full,pp_image]   I fly through the magic of motion detection photography. (click to enlarge)   Tuesday evening, my wife was in bed sick and I had just put our son to bed. Then I read a story about some MIT students who sent a point-and-shoot camera 18 miles up, via a weather balloon, where it… (read more)