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Short Wrap-Up (17th Anniversary Concluded)

Easy ReaderAfter I learned early Sunday morning that there was no water running over Pedernales Falls, we instead headed back to Austin’s Sixth Street. There wasn’t much to see in daylight, as odd as that may sound.

Shannon made a photographic project out of the pub and restaurant signs while I tried to capture what little street life was on display. I didn’t aim my camera at a guy sporting a badly bent right leg with pins and a hinged metal contraption attached to it. I figured he hadn’t paid his loan shark in time. Is that even the right word for it anymore?

DriskillWe also made our first visit to a United States Presidential Library. Sadly, that isn’t a picture of it. That is the Driskill Hotel, built in downtown Austin in 1886. Seeing pictures of the interior online, I wish we had taken a self-guided tour.

Speaking of tours, we saw a guide riding a Segway — leading five or six tourists who also rode the two-wheeled devices. As well as they all rode, I guess it doesn’t take long to learn.

I digress. What was I talking about? Oh yes — America’s Johnson.

Although Shannon didn’t want to sit through the 20-minute video, we spent a decent amount of time looking around. I could have spent all day reading the exhibits. No matter what one thinks of Lyndon Johnson, he was president during one of the most tumultuous times in our nation’s history (took over for the assassinated JFK, tried to lead the country through the height of the 1960’s civil rights movement, and watched the space program take off).

The B Was for Buttons   Satire Near the Bathroom


That said, we might have cut up just a little bit.

Storytellers   First Ladies

2 Responses to Short Wrap-Up (17th Anniversary Concluded)

  1. Well, I’m glad you guys had a great time on your anniversary. Seems Shan did an outstanding job planning it!

    I wish my wife could plan a trip like that! *chuckling*

  2. Did you know that an “L” BJ is my favourite kind of BJ? Betcha never really thought of that, and are probably sorry that you now have. Well, I’m not. So there.

    Overall, I’m very happy for the two of you in getting to celebrate 17 years married together in a relative state of connubial bliss.

    Is there a library for every past president? We don’t have something similar for the quondam Prime Ministers up here. We just sort of let them drift out of office, out of power, and into the generally collectively ignored political past. Come to Canada for the political ignominy! Stay for the poutine. (Leave in the winter, but please come back.)


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