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Before Midnight at the Oasis (17th Anniversary Weekend Part 4)

Glowing in SunsetAfter our return from Krause Springs, I sat in the hotel room looking through my pictures while Shannon hit the fitness room for her Saturday run. They actually pumped HD content into our beautiful widescreen television, but navigating the channels was so slow that I gave up and left it on a half-way compelling “Shark Week” episode.

That night we started with a gourmet ethnic dinner — items from Taco Bell’s fresco menu, and then drove out to The Oasis for dessert. The parking reminded me more of a concert venue than a restaurant. There was a guy in a golf cart transporting people from their cars to the building, for tips. As he zinged past us, he gestured for me to park on the side of the road, as all the parking spots were full, and gave me a thumbs up when he saw I was following his suggestion.

Climbed Aboard Our StarshipStill outside the building, a lady making balloon animals and painting faces took our picture as we posed in the Starship Oasis. It was a neat piece of art that made me think of the movie Explorers (forgot about that one, didn’t you?).

Next we hit the long waiting line to be seated. A tall young woman wearing a nametag and holding a walkie-talkie made her way along the line. My face pointed in her general direction, I said, “So, if we just want to get dessert and watch the sunset, can we just go to the bar?”

“I think so. Hold on.” She said something into her walkie-talkie. Something about a malfunctioning transporter, I think. “Yes, you can get dessert in the bar. To do that, just go up that way,” she pointed to a wide staircase on the right side of the multi-story building.

We followed her directions and the sound of live music. That and the crowd grew louder as we rounded the landing and made the final climb to the top floor, a large, open-air room filled with tables. A band played 70’s and 80’s classic rock tunes, switching lead vocals between three of them. Nobody was dancing, but it wasn’t really that kind of music.

Last GlowWe found a spot between stage left (or is it right?) and the wide opening to the back deck. As soon as we settled, I got up and bumped and twisted my way through strangers to scope out the view. Far below, Lake Travis, lined by tree-covered hills and capped by the open Texas sky, reflected the sun’s golden light. A line of clouds provided good texture and color.

Already the sungazers had gathered, cameras in hand, to watch the spectacle of another day coming to an end. Below us several layers of decks jutted from the building, where diners enjoyed an unobstructed view. Being there reminded me most of a cruise ship. Or, rather, it reminded me of the images I have seen of cruise ships. I snapped a few shots and retreated back to our table.

Shan CamAs we people-watched, Shannon and I noticed a young woman wearing cowboy boots and a skirt, or maybe a dress. We couldn’t quite tell from our view of her. We knew for sure, however, that her knees were far apart and that the middle-aged gentleman a few tables over, his head tilted down slightly, probably was getting an eyeful.

We shared and made short work of a warm chocoloate brownie with vanilla ice cream. Our server ended up comping my cup of decaf, because first he had to find some to brew, and then he couldn’t find any creamer. As a capper, he served it in one of the large plastic beer cups, stacked into another of same to keep my hand from getting too hot. I took the milk he offered and added ice from my icewater to make a subpar cup of iced coffee.

There are just some places one should know better than to order java.

Back outside, we saw vendors including a 20-something man selling carnivorous plants. “Hey, for a funny story, what would be a good vendor to place next to that one?” I asked Shannon. We couldn’t think of any flying insect that someone would sell at such a place, so the idea died.

The Oasis was worth the 20-minute drive.

Up next: we finally hit Sixth Street and hear the voice of an American ex-president. Click to go to the Conclusion.

5 Responses to Before Midnight at the Oasis (17th Anniversary Weekend Part 4)

  1. It sounded like a perfect night except for….. Taco Hell????? You took your wife to Taco Hell after she takes you to such a wonderful place? *chuckling*

    Also, how come the sunset picture is so tilted? On Porpoise? *S*

  2. I didn’t think of the movie “Explorers”, but I did think of Yoda’s small space ship from when he took off from Kashyyyk in “Revenge of the Sith”.

    As for your carnivorous plants, how about a vendor’s stall selling hurdy gurdys? That way, when both grow up into real stores, you can have a musical of Little Shop of Horrors.

  3. Sweet! I’m glad to hear the Oasis is back to its old self… and that you had such a great trip. Seriously, though, you should know to order a margarita or something (they actually aren’t bad, but none of the comestibles manage to top the ambiance).

    Nice to see you kids having fun, even if you stepped in some Taco Bell on the way.

  4. Dave – Well, it was a mutual decision. Shannon was trying to lose a few pounds she gained while pigging out on her cruise, and I was there for moral support. We both ate reasonable items from the fresco menu (pico de gallo instead of cheese, no sour cream, etc) so we could blow it out on dessert. Plus, we were trying to save some money.

    The sunset pic, I didn’t mean to tilt, but after looking at it and the subsequent “more straighter” shots, I liked the crooked one.

    Simon – I will sleep secure in the knowledge that you did not have to look up any of the information you included in your comment, and it kind of scares me.

    I like your musical idea. I have to admit I didn’t know what a hurdy gurdy sounded like until I found it online. You have a thing for droning instruments, no?

    Peter – High-calorie drinks? See previous explanation of wife’s attempt to watch what she was ingesting and our original goal of dessert.

    It was a lot of fun, and because we’re accustomed to going cheap from very early on in our marriage, the Taco Bell bit didn’t bother us a bit.

  5. And just WHAT is wrong with droning instruments? Hmmm??


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