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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

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Well Trained

I took a short trip to the train dam over my Thursday lunch hour. I hiked the paved path — and eventually the muddy trail, upstream from the dam, and found a neat old train bridge. Graffiti adorned its flatter surfaces, as did personal messages between friends and apparently long-lost loves. Today I’m highlighting only… (read more)

Pretending to be Six

Fatherhood is absolutely huge. Yes, this could be expanded to include parenthood in general, but I like to be specific. As a father of an only child, I find myself worrying whether I’m a good playmate for a six-year-old, at the same time reminding myself that I’m not there primarily to be his friend. It… (read more)

Spiderben (Pic of the Week)

For his birthday, Benjamin received two kinds of Spiderman web shooters. One shoots webs of either Silly String or water, depending which cartridge is in place, and the other shoots Nerf darts. The can of Silly String ran out before I could snap more than three pictures of him using it. Plus, we didn’t know… (read more)

The Hobby’s Resurgence

[photopress:mpw2009_020_sm_blog.jpg,full,centered] (Click any pic to enlarge)   The word “hobby” sounds kind of funny. [photopress:mpw2009_004_sm_blog.jpg,thumb,alignleft]What isn’t funny, however, is letting fulfilling hobbies die. One of my favorites — landscape photography — pretty much dried up on the vine after we moved to north Texas. I still had all the equipment, so rather than get rid… (read more)