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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

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You Can Lead a Zorse to Water, but You Canta-Banana

Some may remember the Liger from Napoleon Dynamite. It is the animal that results from the combination of a lion and a tiger, and it is real. So are the Zonkey, the Zorse, and the Pizzly. Don’t believe it? See the link below. For years I believed that the nectarine is a hybrid of… (read more)

Daddy Day Do-Over (Pic of the Week)

(click to enlarge)   I awake on Sunday to the sound of my son’s voice. “Here, Daddy. Here’s the card I made for you.” He hands me a sheet of paper. Glued on it are several S-shaped packing peanuts, and glued on those is the cutout shape of what slightly resembles an elephant, painted brightly… (read more)

Blue Straw III: New Occupants

Picture taken on December 11, 2008 (click to enlarge)   There are new occupants in the space made almost-famous by Blue Straw (and, later, Red Straw). Some of you read the saga — including photos, video clips, and a letter to local government — culminating in a rescue mission that I’m still not sure was… (read more)

What Happened Here?

Click pic for a better look.   Please type the story you think should (or at least could) accompany this photo. It can be one sentence, or a few paragraphs. It can contain dialogue or not. It can be funny, scary, mysterious, or something else. Nobody’s entry will appear until I’ve received all of them,… (read more)