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In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

Another Angle

Angle on a Trip
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This is the first photo taken with my mobile phone that I’ve ever displayed anywhere besides its tiny screen.

I recently bought a memory card for the phone, so now I can actually do something with the photos. Not sure that’s a good thing, but it’s handy in a pinch because it’s the one device I always have.

Yes, I know there are other ways to share photos from a mobile phone, but remember, we’re talking about a company-provided phone on a restricted plan. I suppose I should be glad, especially right now, that my employer doesn’t throw away money on unlimited plans for everybody.

Okay, you twisted my arm. Here’s the second one, which I currently use as my phone’s background picture:

Funny Freckle Face
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6 Responses to Another Angle

  1. Good grief is he getting big…. seems like yesterday he was just a tiny tike.

    Nice pics Mark… as always!

  2. I know – our baby is growing up so fast! *Sniff, sniff*

  3. Yes, they do that.

  4. It took me a bit to figure out what I was looking at in the top on. The bottom one was pretty self-explanitory ;)

    It’s strange to me that I’ve been able to watch Ben grow up to some extent. He’s so much bigger than when I first “met” him. True, my little girl is growing at the same rate, but I get to see that on a daily basis so it strikes me as less magical somehow.

    I like the smiley face peeking out from the sleeve.

  5. Dave – Yes, the boy is outgrowing many things that the tiny boy liked.

    Shan – Today at the playground after school he held a little girl’s hand (she probably was about 2) and patiently walked along beside her as she walked along a low wall. I said later, “I noticed that you helped that little girl.”

    “She was asking for someone to help her and nobody would, so I helped her.”

    That’s good growing up, right there.

    Pops – For real?

    MG – Thanks for at least mentioning the top shot. I should have known the boy would steal the show. He will enjoy meeting you guys, I’m sure, even if he seems like he has no idea who you are.

  6. I’m on the porch in the sun on the laptop and having a little difficulty making out the top photo, I’ll check it out when I go inside.
    I rarely use my phone camera… it’s usually for emergencies like a great moon on the way to work or something cool at the mall. I didn’t even know you could get a memory card for a phone. I just found out last night about that “push” feature. I’m slippin’ on the technology front, big time…


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