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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

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Name That Sound 1

In the interest of actually using my sound recordings for something, here’s a new feature. To begin playing Name That Sound, just click the play button. When you think you know the answer, add your response. Update: We have a winner! Think of a guess before you go on to the responses.

Big Change Coming

(Note: those reading “The Keys Are In It” may proceed to Part Fourteen, where we see a meeting of the minds.) I already had written this post before finding this (update: this has been altered): It featured a picture of our son, that my wife took, used without permission. They linked back here in… (read more)

John McCain’s iPod

I’m convinced that money buys elections but not loyal computer users. I don’t mean bribery, although that may happen, too. I’m referring to dollars spent on advertising. Democrat presidential hopeful Barack Obama is throwing huge wads of cash into television commercials, even setting up a half-hour special, while Republican candidate John McCain has pulled advertising… (read more)

Dick Van Patten and Poop

On our recent trip to Texas Hill Country, Shannon rummaged through our van’s glove compartment trying to ferret out anything we didn’t need. Maps of at least six different states somehow survived the cut. The real keeper, however, was a note I had scrawled on a bright yellow Midas envelope. They had replaced a catalytic… (read more)

Frozen Lasagna and a Lost Benism

As I type this (7:45 p.m.) Benjamin sleeps in his bed and Shannon naps in ours. I eat Michel Angelo’s Lasagna with Meat Sauce (from the freezer section), and it’s delicious. No preservatives and only 320 calories per 8oz serving. Good stuff. Highly recommended. But only once in a while, because 1/3 of those calories… (read more)