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In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

Family Entertainment

I think we all know why there are so few successful movies and television shows about well-adjusted families.

They’re kind of boring, from an outsider’s perspective.

Well-adjusted is great for those living it. It’s generally easier on the pocket book, the nerves, and the mental stability of everyone in the house. While a little spontaneity is welcome, constant unpredictability frays the brain.

I think I just summed up parenthood in one sentence.

When creating entertainment that will make its mark on the world, dysfunctional generally is the way to go. A single episode of the longest-running television show in history, “The Simpsons,” is perfect evidence of this. If Bart, Homer, and the rest got along great all the time, then why would anyone watch? Just to see Barney’s lips flap when he burps?

Although we’re not quite as messed up as the Simpsons, there are dysfunctional things going on in our families. While they might make for exciting reading, this is not the place to share them.

A whole lot of people have to die before I can even consider that.

I used to believe that all those screwed-up families on the screen were gross misrepresentations of real folk. The more people I meet, however, the more wrong I become. Even if I aired everything out here, it wouldn’t come close to what I’ve heard from others.

That makes me glad that, on an entertainment scale, our families rate fairly low. What’s bad for my (eventual) million-selling memoir is wonderful for our home life.

2 Responses to Family Entertainment

  1. *LOL* Yeah, I could tell you stories about my family… but can’t.

    I think the last time a “normal” family was depicted on TV was Ozzie and Harriet, or Leave it to Beaver!

  2. So, if a whole bunch of your family suddenly start showing up dead, we’ll all know that you’re just putting the finishing touches on your memoir and can’t wait for it to hit shelves, is that it? I’m wise to your game.

    Here’s to having a (relatively) boring family. Hooray!


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