Regular Life

Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

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It Came from Within (Pic of the Week)

(click to enlarge) Recently it came up in conversation that my wife found this mass in a beer can she opened. After she had started drinking the beer. I was lucky enough to find the pic while sifting through old digital photos. Anyone care to speculate on exactly what it is? To me it resembles… (read more)

Kick it One Time

    (click to enlarge) Benjamin’s first full day of kindergarten doubled as his first day of soccer practice. Unlike tee ball (which we “volunteered” him for at age three), he eagerly participated. When I wasn’t helping, I was taking pictures, and Shannon sat in a camp chair, busily filling out a stack of forms… (read more)

Startin’ Kindergarten

(Note: Readers of “The Keys Are In It” may continue today with Part Eleven. Sorry this one has been so sporadic.) Benjamin goes to his first full day of Kindergarten on Tuesday. We are at once giddy and glum. Friday night we went for “meet the teacher,” wherein we participated in a reverse treasure hunt…. (read more)

In Memory

My wife never got a chance to say goodbye to a dear friend she lost 10 years ago today. They had reunited after a few years of estrangement and were very close, and we had some great times with her and her husband. Then we received a phone call at about 3 a.m. telling us… (read more)

Harrowing Day in Bleemsville

Just when I thought I would slow down a little on blogging, the cops get involved. And the whole thing helped me understand why not all of them are detectives. On an unseasonably cool Saturday morning, Benjamin and I took a leisurely, unannounced bicycle ride to Mr. and Mrs. B’s house. Minutes before we arrived,… (read more)