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Project Black (The First)

(Note: I have posted Part Five of “The Keys Are In It,” which brings two of our main characters together. Sorry it’s been a while. You might want to start at the beginning to refresh your memory.)

The Peabody
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I shot this Sunday night while strolling in Memphis. I figured a B&W conversion gave it a classic look. We plan to see the famous Peabody Hotel Ducks before we leave town.

My previous post also features photos that fit this project, and I get the feeling not many folks saw it on Friday.

You may also enjoy visiting Anna Carson Photography, the founder of Project Black, and the more than 90 participants.

4 Responses to Project Black (The First)

  1. I clicked to enlargicate the picture. It’s really good that way. Rich depth. Nice.

  2. Nice shot… hope you have safe travels home bud!

  3. Where they walk the ducks, right? Loved that!

  4. I love the framing here! I love walls and signs so thanks for doing both!


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