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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

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The Keys Are In It

It all started out as a simple trip to donate leftover garage sale items to Goodwill. It wasn’t dark, but it was getting stormy. Alex noticed that the SUV parked in the neighbors’ driveway was empty, but its headlights shone on the garage door. They had SUV’s of the same make and model but two… (read more)

The Garage Store

“This bag is full of glasses,” I said to the young man helping unload Homer at the Goodwill donation station. “That’s okay. If it breaks, it’s just Goodwill,” he said. I wasn’t surprised to see that his shirt read: Yeah, I know. Go to my room. “What? Man, that’s not right,” I said while laughing…. (read more)

Not Amphibious

Benjamin splashes in the bathtub as I lean over the side. He plunges a toy squirting frog under the water and squeezes it, then lets it slowly draw in its fill. “My frog loves the water,” he says. “Yep, most frogs do. You know, frogs are amphibians. That means they live on the land or… (read more)

Movies on the Border

It occurs to me that I often write about things I do, but rarely about passive entertainment. This time, I’ll cover two movies I recently watched. Both are westerns set on the Texas-Mexico border, and both are set in the present. Unlike most westerns I have seen, these are packed with emotion. The testosterone set… (read more)

Improv Ben

Click either pic for a better look (albeit unfocusey on the first) During one of many trips between our house and the house my in-laws just sold, I recalled a joke from the stick of the Pop Sicle knock-offs a nurse gave to Ben while he recovered from an allergic reaction to fire ant stings…. (read more)