Guess Where I Was

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More on my momentous, fun-filled long weekend is coming soon. Can anyone guess where I was for this panoramic view?

Update: Well, because somebody guessed correctly, I’ll fill in a little more detail. I was in St. Louis, 630 feet from the ground, peering out the narrow windows of the Gateway Arch. The baseball stadium on the left is the home of the St. Louis Cardinals; the courthouse in the center is the Old Courthouse; the domed stadium on the right is the home of the St. Louis Rams. The rest I can’t even guess without outside help.

As for why I was there and what else I did that weekend? You really will have to see to believe.

12 thoughts on “Guess Where I Was

  1. Hmmm…looks suspiciously like a large Missouri city taken from a famous landmark. I love the fisheye lens effect!

    Hope you had a great visit!

  2. I think I know!!!! Sorry I missed you and thanks for the email I am headed to DFW in about 2 hours for my flight to Maui! Tell Shannon hello and I am sure you had a great time with “the boys”…

  3. Alvis – I think you mean the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial ;)

    Mark – The photo-stitch thing really worked wonders on this shot. Very cool

  4. I don’t know but I see a baseball stadium on the upper left. I hope you went THERE! I love to catch a game at other ballparks when traveling. Even if it’s not the Dodgers! I’ll wait for the answer of where you are.

  5. All – See update in post for description of the picture (I can’t go into as much detail as another person here can, but I tried to hit the high points.

    Dave – I wasn’t sure whether you’d ever been there, but I should have known that about such a well-traveled fellow.

    Mike – It is funny that the effect came out like that. I shot four pictures at it at the 18mm setting (about 27mm in 35mm film equivalent), and then used Autostitch to make them into one photo. There was a lot of overlap in each shot.

    Anna – We were sorry to miss you this time around. I hope the Maui shoot goes well. Sounds like a rough location assignment.

    Moksha and Alvis – Yeah, what you guys said. Though perhaps only one name is correct technically, they all refer to the right place. And, yes, Moksha, the stitching software helped it a lot. I finally remembered while onsite that I have that software!

    Robert – We did not go there. I think I checked before that trip and found that the Cardinals were not playing at home that weekend.

  6. *LOL*
    Actually, I’ve never been there, BUT, I recognize the area around it from other pictures I’ve seen!

    Great pic BTW…

  7. All I can really add to your description is that just behind the Old Courthouse is Keener Plaza, the official wedding photo spot of St Louis. The road running parrallel to the bottom of the picture there is the sunken section of I-70 that folks keep saying should be covered so that you can walk to the Arch from downtown. And finally, way up in the top right of the photo, just beyond the line of sight, really…is the Grenstead. If you really, really squint, an dcock your head just right….well, you still won’t be able to see it, but it’s lurking out there.

  8. OK, just catching up with posts now.

    You have THREE up already from the weekend?? Sheesh! I have a LOT of catching up to do!

    Amy has already said that she’d have to be on Valium to have gone up the Arch in the elevators I described. And to have crawled through most of the City Museum that we did. But I’m sure that’ll be in a later post too.

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