Underfoot (PLT Number Four)

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UnderfootThis pic finds us at a local Jump ‘n’ Land, home to oversized inflatable slides and other places for kids to jump and, as luck would have it considering the place’s name, land. Benjamin was playing in the toddlers’ area and I never can resist a chance to lie down on the ground with my camera and give folks some good people-watching fodder.

When your wife’s active in a moms’ club, you end up at birthday parties that mix family members with passing acquaintances. Sure, the moms all know each other fairly well, as do the children, but each dad is just there to support his respective wife and kid(s). Take a few pics, smile-nod-and-shake-hands when introduced, and grab a piece of cake if such is presented. No need to be rude and deny what we all know is the most rewarding part of a birthday party — sweet, rich, buttercream frosting.

We had a good time and I got a decent PLT pic instead of having to delve into my archives. If you haven’t joined the fun of Project Looking Through, then it’s not too late. Just sign up below and/or leave a comment (I removed the Mr. Linky form from the previous posts to save page load time).

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24 thoughts on “Underfoot (PLT Number Four)

  1. You can mask your true intentions all you like, Mark. But I know thi is just a thinly veilled ad compaign for Hanes ;)

    I really love this shot. The window border is cool, and certainly required to fit the theme here, but I think the mystery of the perspective would be interesting if you cropped the window border away. Floating Benjamin.

    My wife doesn’t really now many other mothers locally. This translates into a distict lack of butter cream frosting in my life. So, grab me a piece next time.

  2. I like the perspective of this shot. I am also tickled by the idea of you rolling in the grass while all the other adults stood around wishing they were less inhibited.

  3. Great shot. It looks like he’s floating. I’ve been enjoying coming up with these shots as well as seeing what others have done.

  4. I feel like I should start paying to come here. You’re so popular now!

    Is Ben hovering in there? Given the perspective, that’s what it looks like. You lying on the ground underneath just doesn’t seem quite as mysteriously impressive. Still, that is one well-coordinated boy in the shot. Shannon dressed him that day, didn’t she?

  5. Before I enlarged it, I thought you somehow captured him flipping in mid-air. It was every bit as cool after I realized “how” you did it, though.

    This is a fun exercise in the way we see and observe, Mark. Looks like a lot of people agree, too :).

  6. Please explain:
    “When you are wife is active in a mom is club….”
    Sorry. Just can’t control myself sometimes.

  7. oh the freedom of the wee ones! I love those places and wish my 35 year old son still wanted me to take him LOL

    my someday grand-kids are going to have such fun and be the most photographed children on earth

    thanks again for starting this – I’m really enjoying it and have found some wonderful and talented new bloggers.

  8. Nice shot! And I suppose this birthday was this weekend? If so, Happy Birthday Ben! I am guessing because you said you did not have to go through your archives.

  9. Just a quick detail — it was not Ben’s birthday.

    Thanks to all for going for another round. Sorry I wasn’t able to get to everybody, but work started back up for me again today, and that makes me more of a project participant than a spearhead.

    Maybe again someday I’ll do another. Meanwhile, I’m looking for Project Green (PG) photos. Wait, PG photos? That doesn’t sound right, on at least two different levels.

  10. Hi Mark! I’ve joined in too :)
    I’ve created a small button for PLT to display on my PLT as well as my sidebar. Wanna send it to you but couldn’t find your email anywhere on your site :(

  11. Looks like fun, my youngest wants to go to bouncer town, our local “home to oversized inflatable slides”. I am looking forward to embarrassing her with my camera every chance I get!

  12. I know the project is officially over but I couldn’t resist posting this photo that I came across.

    Looking at everyone else’s pictures has been fun. Thanks, Mark.

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