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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

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Cold Fury and the Cross

Road, field, and sky through windshield at 4 p.m. CT Tuesday. Note: That IS NOT a hillside back there behind the tree line.  That’s black sky. (click any image to enlarge) It didn’t seem to matter that the western hemisphere’s tallest cross sits just a few miles from here. Frozen hell blew into town late… (read more)

Never Made it to Thirty

Click to enlarge. You see that boy sleeping back there? I miss him right now because I’m traveling for work, and I miss his mother, my wonderful wife of more than 15 years. The dog has managed to grow on me a little, too. Today should have been my 30th post in the Wordless Wednesday… (read more)

Why Do You Use the Computer You Use?

Unbelievable. I hate getting into the Mac vs. Windows debates, but I’m starting to understand why the Mac’s controlled hardware environment is attractive to an increasing number of people. About two years ago, I wrote about my excitement at receiving great video editing software, Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0, for Christmas. Turned out, however, that the… (read more)

If These Hay Walls Could Speak

What if someone you knew stacked huge hay bale walls and built a castle inside, unbeknownst to everyone but you? Would you tell? Would you use the word “unbeknownst” when telling about it? How about this… could you keep it a secret for more than four years? Well, unless Robert Fidler, 59, of England had… (read more)