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Macaw Monday (Weekend Wrap-Up)

This Blue Macaw served up my favorite color in feathered form.

I’m letting the pictures tell the story for this post.

But, here’s a little background to get you started:

My brother and his wife and their son came down over the weekend and we had a great time, including a brief trip downtown and a big trip to the Fort Worth Zoo. Said brother is the guy who calls himself “Charles” when he comments here. Because that’s his name. That enough? Good.

Update: I wanted to clarify the next picture, based on an e-mail I received. My sister-in-law was on the phone checking on their dog, and Shannon’s grimace probably was just a split-second frozen in time to look much more serious than it was. Of course with two boys of four, we had some challenges, but we were having a good time in this picture.

(Click any picture to make it bigger and sharper — NOW! I’ve increased the size of the enlargements. Try it.)

Downtown on Saturday afternoon.

Ben (right) and his cousin, LC. (Photo by Shannon)

[photopress:DSC_0748.jpg,thumb,centered]       [photopress:DSC_0718.jpg,thumb,centered]
Timon                         and             Pumbaa

[photopress:DSC_0722.jpg,thumb,centered]       [photopress:DSC_0810.jpg,thumb,centered]       [photopress:DSC_0793.jpg,thumb,centered]


Photo by Shannon

[photopress:DSC_0839.jpg,thumb,centered]      [photopress:DSC_0882.jpg,thumb,centered]      [photopress:DSC_0894.jpg,thumb,centered]



[photopress:DSC_0916.jpg,thumb,centered]       [photopress:DSC_0921.jpg,thumb,centered]
Refreshment before closing the place down.

Come back and see us. Braaawwkk!

Oddly, I got good looks at completely different animals on this trip than I did on a previous zoo outing I posted.

8 Responses to Macaw Monday (Weekend Wrap-Up)

  1. Some great shots here, Mark. I like “Warthog” and “Ben with Water Bottle.” For completely different reasons obviously.

    We went to the zoo on Wednesday…but brought no camera. I need to start bringing the thing to work with me instad of relying on my wife to bring it when they pick me up from work. She tends to look at a camera as a distraction from enjoying the moment and thus always “forgets” to bring it.

  2. MG – Sometimes I’m right there with your wife, and just recently I have left my camera behind. It definitely increased my enjoyment of those particular events. A zoo trip, however, will never be one of those occasions. Good looks at animals are just too rare at the times we visit (i.e., hottest part of the day, when even dumb animals know to stay in out of the heat and watch “Dr. Who” re-runs).

  3. Oddly, I think I liked the end of day parking lot pic the best. It had such a feel of being generally ‘spent’ to it. Like, you guys would have parked closer if you could have, but the lot was a LOT fuller when you arrived and you enjoyed as much of the zoo as you could have, so you were some of the last to leave.

    Well OK, that ‘puffery uppery’ shot was pretty cool, too.

    Speaking of cameras, I’m getting a new one on my lunch hour today. No, it’s not going to be the D40 (thanks for the recommendation), but I’m getting a great deal (I think) thanks to a photographer co-worker who knows where to buy. I’ll send pics after I get it.

    excited ? Simon ? excited

    Did I ever share the story about a co-worker (a different one) who has the nickname ‘Pumbaa’? On a job a few years ago we had a subcontractor who came originally from Kenya. He was a little startled to hear that there was one of our guys who had that nickname and, moreover, was rather pleased with it. (He was originally given the nickname for his habit of flatulence.) When we asked the guy from Kenya why he got this odd look on his face whenever he heard the nickname, he revealed to us that ‘pumbaa’, in Swahili, means stupid.

  4. Simon – I liked that “puffery uppery” bird shot, too. I got another one of that guy that I’m probably going to use as my October banner.

    I definitely wouldn’t have left out that parking lot pic. We arrived at 3 p.m., and the zoo closes at 6. I shot that one at about 6:15.

    Congrats on your camera find. I look forward to hearing about it.

    You’ve related that Pumbaa story before; I think when I posted about animated movies. Still a funny story.

  5. I posted an update in the text of the post, in italics.

  6. Heavens, Mark. These pictures are absolutely breath-taking. You should be quite proud. Love the boys in their hats but the rest are all great too.
    Also, it’s kind of cool to have a face to hang on “Charles”.

  7. I think the picture of the lion yawning should be in a competition… it’s outstanding!!

    All the pics are great though… nice job bud.

  8. Hakuna Matata!


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