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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

Archive for September 2007

Ben Not Quite Kenobi

But he’s getting there. It’s kind of funny that he has a friend named “Owen,” and I think one named “Luke” now, too. (Owen is Luke’s uncle, and Ben is Obi-Wan, the old dude who trains Luke in the first movie, for all you aficia-not-o’s.) I don’t want to make it seem like our boy… (read more)

Nacirema (Pic of the Week)

[photopress:renman.jpg,full,centered] An example of modern humans studying a native. (click to make his teeth bigger and sharper) I read about a people called Nacirema in one of my sociology courses. Yes, I had more than one. What can I say? I was an English major and a sociology minor, and anthropology in particular fascinated me…. (read more)

In Protest of Wordless Wednesday

[photopress:DSC_0617.jpg,full,centered] Click to raise your voice with me, or to enlarge and sharpen the picture. Because Wordless Wednesday really isn’t held on Wednesday, I’m protesting. It’s more a Tuesday afternoon and evening activity, with just a few stragglers posting anywhere near or beyond midnight. Wednesday proper? A rarity. Yes, I know the Internet is international,… (read more)

Ben Official Word

[photopress:DSC_0683.jpg,full,centered] Click for bigger and sharper. I’m amazed at how children can completely ignore a concept, but once you give it a name you can’t get it out of their heads. Benjamin has a new favorite word, and I’m afraid I’ve created a monster. Just about the only remaining frustration for us while preparing Ben… (read more)