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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

Just a Few Things

More trip coming, but in the meantime, a few things:

  • Worked last day of job Friday, after a little more than two years at it.
  • New job starts when I fly out Sunday afternoon — same company.
  • Going to see the Oakland A’s play Monday night at their home stadium (second Major League Baseball game attended in my life)
  • Lip trembling, my son just now said, “I want to go get Lexie out of Doggie Heaven.”
  • We’re going to see Ratatouille today.

3 Responses to Just a Few Things

  1. You’ve thrown quite a bit at us in a short span…I’m not sure where to begin. I suppose I’ll just go in the order you listed.

    Hope you enjoy the job as much as you think you will. It sounds like a vast improvement and should give you all sorts of new locals for pictures and all sorts of new and exciting places to observe people’s trash. Speaking of which…what’s going on with Blue Straw? It’s been a while.

    Death is such a difficult and abstract idea for a kid to wrap his head around. Heck…for anyone to wrap his head around. It’s tough to see him struggling with it, I’m sure.

    On that note…I have to run. I’m not supposed to be surfing right now. I’m supposed to be frantically running around getting reay for Norah’s birthday party this afternoon. Yet here I sit…Odd sense of priorities I have, eh?

    Have a great trip

  2. I’ve been with the same company for eight years now. Seriously considered moving a couple times. Good now. Glad the change seems like it’s gonna work for you.

    I’ve seen two Jays games at the Skydome in Toronto. Even though it’s no longer the Skydome.

    I got no help for ya on the Doggie Heaven bit. That’s tough. At least he knows she went to heaven.

    Ratatouille’s a great flick. I missed the first 20 minutes of it while waiting in line for popcorn, but the rest of it is really good.

    (Aside — MG, hope that Little Lutine’s first b-day goes off smashingly!)

  3. MG – Congrats on getting the little tike this far in her life journey. The first birthday party will mean a lot more to you than it does to her (as far as I can tell from other kids and my own experience, anyway).

    I’ve been cooking up some ideas for Blue Straw. Might be good. Just gotta get a few other things out of the way first.

    The new job should be a much better fit for me.

    Simon – I’m at a little over three with this company, and I haven’t found a compelling reason to jump ship yet.

    I liked Ratatouille a lot, but Shannon didn’t, and Ben got bored once he finished his popcorn (even started saying he wanted to go home.) I wasn’t about to leave the theater for the free popcorn refill and miss any of the flick. You gotta go back and see the first 20 minutes when it’s out on DVD. Great scenes in there.

    MG and Simon – Death is, indeed, a tough subject for the kids. I don’t know what triggered Ben to mention it this morning, but he got genuine tears in his eyes. Poor little dude.


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