Wordless Wednesday Twelve — 10 Comments

  1. Wow, what a nice place to take a hike! I would definitely go there myself as well (I’m such a couch potato myself!) but with such beauty, count me in :)

  2. “See Mark? There really is a Bridge to Terabithia!”
    (Saw the movie last week so it’s on my mind.)

  3. Geez, Mark. You post more while you’re away from the computer than I do on a normal week. Nice pictures…but you’re making me feel bad ;)

    I like the flower. Like a little pixie’s jester cap.

  4. I love that flower….and I liked the way you framed it off center…looks like something I would do or at least my NIKON would! :) I bet you two are having a blast….have fun and enjoy eachother!

  5. Thanks, everybody, for sticking with me during my almost hiatus.

    Details: Top photo was on our hike to Middle Fork Lake. Eventful, to say the least. Sorry for the terrible exposure. Sun breaking through the forest’s canopy is not always desirable when taking pictures.

    Bottom photo is a Shooting Star Columbine (Aquilegia elegantula). It’s in the buttercup family.

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