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Rocky Vacation

Monday afternoon just outside Red River, New Mexico.
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We reached this point after a 10-mile drive up a steep, winding, one-lane dirt road. The rest of the week promises to take us higher. We’re talking snow near a mountain lake — in July.

A full recap of the trip probably won’t come until after it’s over. Maybe I’ll get a chance to post teasers throughout the week, and maybe I won’t. Comment replies definitely won’t be up to par.

And that’s alright by me.

That said, another pic follows.

Grasses on a lake just outside Red River, New Mexico.


I read everybody’s comments on my previous post and felt the need to clear up something.

The trip pictures from that post are from our 10th anniversary trip — back in August 2002.

While we are indeed in the Rockies right now, we’re nowhere near where the above events occurred. We are on a family trip with my folks and (soon, we hope), my brother and his family.

Large, vicious dogs and a state-of-the-art security system with frickin’ laser beams protect our house right now (you know, just in case anybody gets any bright ideas).

5 Responses to Rocky Vacation

  1. Ft Knox security, huh?You mean in case someone wants to rescue the cups while you are away?!?!

    Have fun and these images are so peaceful….reminds me of our day at Pikes Peak a couple of years ago. Have fun!

  2. Enjoy the rest of the trip, Mark. We’ll get back up to posting and commenting par when you get back. I take back my happy anniversary quote. Instead, have a happy vacation.

  3. Yes, yes…I too no longer hope you have a happy anniversary ;)

    Lasers to protect the cups, eh? You’re taking this all very seriously now.

    The shots look beautiful, hope the vacation is going as peacefully as the images suggest.

  4. We’ve had a lovely time so far. Right now we’re in a motel outside Amarillo and aren’t quite finished with our sight-seeing.

  5. Beautiful picture. Those roads are fun aren’t they?

    Have fun!


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