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Adventures with My Dad (Pic of the Week)

Distant peek at the Blue Hole (cropped — click for bigger and better).


Zip line fun at Blue Hole.

I never liked hunting with my dad. I never cared to have a beer with him. Despite his love for both those activities (but never simultaneously), they just weren’t things I shared with him.

Nor with anyone else. You see, it wasn’t my dad; I just didn’t like to hunt or drink beer.

Both put me at a great disadvantage in college. I often stopped by a guy’s dorm room or apartment, and it went something like this:

Guy: Hey, Mark, you want a beer?
Me: No, you have anything like Coke or something?
Guy: What are you, some kind of nerd?
Me: No, I just don’t like beer.
Guy: You want to go kill something with me tomorrow?
Me: No, not really.
Guy: What are you, gay?
Me: Not according to your girlfriend last night.

Dad, though, never tried to pressure me to do either. In fact, any time my brother started saying things like, “It’s an acquired taste. Just eat a chip between each swallow for a while, then skip the chip more and more often, and eventually, no more chips,” my dad would say, “Hey, ya little shit, lay off your brother. If he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t have to drink it,” in slightly gentler words.

No wonder so many domestic beer-drinking guys have big guts. Too many chips needed to kill the taste of the beer.

But the point of this post is all the great places my dad has taken me for two things we do have in common. We both appreciate natural beauty and photography, and find it invigorating to capture one with the other.

It’s not our fault the occasional group of strangers in various states of undress wanders in front of our lenses.

Click for look at humongous tadpole.
(I messed up the sky when I removed a couple of power lines)

On this trip, Dad took me to a place called “Blue Hole.” It’s a swimming hole he used to frequent as a kid. The spring-fed pool’s deep blue water invites all who traverse the miles of gravel road. I hope one day we can get back there so I can note where it is.

And so my new little family and I can do a cool move like this:

Walking on water?

Thanks for the cool places you’ve taken me, Dad, and for instilling in me the love for finding and photographing them. Even if that doesn’t include knocking back a cold one upon our return.

Note: All pics circa 1994, with circular polarizing filter attached to Canon AE-1 SLR.

10 Responses to Adventures with My Dad (Pic of the Week)

  1. Very nice pictures, though I didn’t find the tadpole.

    I never knock anyone who doesn’t drink… it’s a personal choice, and I have plenty of friends that don’t drink at all.
    I have to be very careful, as alcoholism runs in my family (both sides).

    The good news is, I can go months without a drink, and at other times, have a glass of wine a day for a week, after dinner (hey, it IS good for you ya know!).

    It’s food that I can’t limit myself to… *chuckling*

    Have a great weekend Mark!

  2. Hey, I fould the tadpole! Not as challenging as Where’s Waldo, but I still feel good about the find.

    My own love of beer was self-induced and never involved chips as any sort of catalyst.

    I would dearly love to go for a swim in the Blue Hole. That looks like an awesome spot for a cooling off.

  3. I made it through college not liking beer. I had discovered other methods of altering my mental state and didn’t feel the need to choke back nasty liquids to get messed up. However, after college I discovered that i just dont’ like lagers…which in most circles means I don’t like beer. Once I dicovered ales and microbrews…I embraced beer with a passion. No chips required.

    I was going to comment that your tad pole shot reminded me of one of my drainage ditch shot. But yours is much prettier…and it has a tad pole.

    The top picture is really stuning. The colors and rock shapes are amazing.

  4. Dave – It’s funny you mention that, because I expected to get a lot of peer pressure about drinking. I never did. I guess I just hung out with the right people.

    Simon – I think you meant to say that you “found” the tadpole. If not, then I’m curious to know exactly what Canadians mean when they say, “I fould the tadpole.” Sounds a little disturbing.

    Moksha – I admit some of the higher-end beers like microbrews allow me to get a few gulps down before I have to stop, but I haven’t found that one that makes me want to keep going.

    On the blue hole — it was neat to just walk down a trail and then, over that next rise, look down to see that view. Breathtaking in its own way.

  5. Ah, I found the tadpole…!

  6. Mark, yet again that’s just a strange Canadian spelling. Seriously. fould = found. It makes for some confusing conversations sometimes.

    “Honey, could you please fold the laundry?”

    “What do you mean? I fould it last night! It was in the dryer the whole time!”

    “No… I mean fold it and put it away.”

    “Well that’s just silly. Of course I can’t put it away until I’ve fould it!”


    You believe me, right?

  7. I also made it through college avoiding MGD and Coors Light…however I also found other ways to indulge….can someone say upside-down margaritas? No questions please.

    I have to say that living in London I have really enjoyed a pint of two. My husband and I went tonight to the pub just down the hill from our home and had some fish and chips with a pint. it was great!

    Great images Mark…I like the perspective of the third shot a lot!

    Have a great weekend!

  8. I’m choosing to believe that you don’t believe that beer drinkers are the “wrong” kind of people, as opposed to the “right” kind. I know you would never mean that…
    As a side note, I’ve been enjoying beer since I was a bit bigger than a tadpole. Thanks to my dad. Not sure where I developed an addiction to potato chips, though.
    Great pictures :-)

  9. Linda’s is the only one that leaves an open issue, and so the only one I’ll reply to with little time left on my laptop battery.

    I just meant that the beer drinkers I knew didn’t care whether or not I was drinking beer. I was their friend regardless.

    That’s the best kind of friends to have.

  10. Mark, I do need to show you how to get back to the “Blue Hole”. Let’s see, have to find that cooler and ice down a few cold ones for the trip. Have just now had time to start checking out your blog entries of the trip. Glad you liked Palo Duro.



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