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In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

Bumper Fun

In a large metro area, there’s free entertainment all over the road. This, among other things, has inspired me to lug my camera no matter how short the trip. So far I’ve never noticed any funny looks from co-workers when I shoulder my formidable camera bag to and from my car, and so far I haven’t really cared. I’m ready with my snappy comeback (with nods to “Seinfeld”).

“It’s not a purse — it’s European.”

A select few of the following images I captured before we moved here. That doesn’t make them any less fun.

(Don’t click these expecting them to enlarge or anything.)


Here, I’m wondering what in the world these folks are burning when they drive. I’m sure someone who knows about cars can tell us exactly what problem they have. Captured in a Missouri convenience store parking lot.

Speed Demon

The car model here makes this one. Coincidentally for me and other fans of the greatest prematurely canceled sci-fi show in history (oh, no, here come the retorts), this car also was produced under the name Pontiac Firefly. More familiar to everybody might be its other moniker, the Geo Metro. Captured about two miles from our former home in Missouri.

Hi Tech Redneck

Is there was any question that we’re in Texas now? This guy’s web site “features” an annoying flash animation and song that plays on every page. He’d do better to play the title track from George Jones’ High Tech Redneck. At least then he’s sticking with a theme. Captured on my way from work to Fry’s Electronics.


The driver is a doctor and a ninja. It saves money on a collection service and it’s instant job security. “Hey, you didn’t pay. Now you get a karate chop to the knee. I can fix that for you. Just make an appointment at the front desk.” He or she also finds time to serve in the National Guard. That organization must beam with pride at this personalized plate. Captured on the way to work.

Kiss Army

So, this sticker looks brand new. Um, didn’t this movement die about 25 or 30 years ago? The day before I grabbed this image, I saw a woman at work wearing a brand new t-shirt bearing the same logo. I didn’t grab her, though. Captured on the way to work.

Lesbo Love

I’ve never heard the term “Lesbo Love,” but here it is, out in the open, in one of the most conservative religious and political areas in the country. I’m a little embarrassed for lesbians everywhere, however, at the lack of punctuation. Captured on my way to get a spicy chicken soft taco and chicken quesadilla at Taco Bell.

Note: Many of these I shot through the windshield, and most while sitting still at a traffic light.

9 Responses to Bumper Fun

  1. The KISS Army is still alive and thriving my friend. Stickers like that one are still for sale. (I, of course, have an original.)

    Lesbo love and soft tacos. You don’t have to be Fellini to figure that one out.

  2. I am always intrigued by what people will put on their license plate….I once saw an older woman driving in a red convertible Mercedes. The plate said “TWAS HIS”…I thought that was pretty funny (and a bit sad) that she was showing off what she got in her divorce settlement….

    Love your pics!

  3. This was a fun post to start out my day :-)

    The lady in the KISS Army shirt, it was chivalrous that you grabbed her on the way to work and not at work…
    I love when things can be interpretted like that ;-)

  4. With a slight modification to a ninja mask to allow a germ filter, a brighly colored gi made of scrubs material, a stunning collection of swords and scalpels, and plastic booties over the paddes ninja shoes…I have a prety good image of what this doctor looks like.

  5. Wow… that last picture is kinda “in your face” isn’t it!

  6. BK – Spoken like a true fan. I’ve been to Detroit, though, and I must say I didn’t sense that it was “rock city.”

    Anna – That’s a funny one, if there’s a good spin to a split.

    Linda – Glad you liked it. I saw that gal again today in the hall, and she’s once again wearing a shirt that violates dress code, but I’m not the enforcer. Maybe I should just whip out my Monsters of Rock shirt.

    Moksha – Nice image. I hope I never face him (or her) in the exam room.

  7. So true Mark…I remember thinking it takes a lot of nerve to put that on the back of your car….

    Have a good night!

  8. Funny stuff.

    There was a hilarious sign in a clinic that I used to call in around Idabel, Oklahoma years ago. It had a sign at the front that said, “You’ve had a chip secretly implanted during your visit. Should you fail to pay within 30 days, you will explode.”

    Now…that sign was way ahead of its time, because at some point we very well may be subjected to such types of monitoring devices, which is very scary.

    That plate from the doctor was creepy. Sounds like the type of Dr. who performs routine breast exams and pap smears on 16 year old girls. Problem is…he’s a Podiatrist.

  9. Charles – Ha! I can see patients there wondering to themselves. That sign is priceless.


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