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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

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Mystery Lady

(Note: The new banner for April 2007 is up. Please use the Refresh or Reload button in your browser, and if you still don’t see it, then do it again while holding down the Shift key.) Driving home from work on a rainy Friday evening, I approached a few cars queued at a red light…. (read more)

Welcoming Life (Pic of the Week)

[photopress:DSC_8020_med_blog.JPG,full,centered] Shannon, Ben, and I went to the hospital yesterday to welcome Alvis’ and his wife’s latest contribution to the gene pool. I mean, to see that cute baby they made. Above is the view I had on my drive home (I was in the minivan with Ben, because I had handed Shannon the keys… (read more)

In Memory of Mitch

I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, too. — the late Mitch Hedberg, comedian and actor My recent viewing of Walk the Line reminded me that we lose far too many artists to drugs. No, Johnny Cash didn’t die from drug use (directly, anyway), but he arguably came as close… (read more)

Firsts on the Iron Horse

A First for Me I’ve clung giddily to a trolley car as it flattened the rolling San Francisco hills. I’ve snorkeled off the Florida keys. I’ve hiked up an extinct volcano in New Mexico and posed for a picture near its rim, and on the same trip felt the sting of blowing sand at the… (read more)

Please Don’t Fire Me

In a class late last week, a few of us discussed the highs and lows of our company’s three-tiered dress code. One woman sat to my right and two others sat to my left. Of course, here at a company that within the past year required everyone to undergo sexual harassment awareness training, I managed… (read more)