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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

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Saturday Part Two: Hail of a Time

[photopress:DSC_7756_sm_blog.jpg,full,centered] Tatu, former Brazilian football player turned American soccer player and coach, owns this large home seemingly offered up by the leprechaun as the gold at the end of the rainbow. Our modest neighborhood is on the other side of the distant privacy fence; a close look reveals our roof two down on the right… (read more)

Saturday Part One: Dino Sores and Roars

(Note: To continue reading “Apartment Life Returns,” click for Part Five) [photopress:DSC_7714_sm_blog.jpg,full,centered] Saturday was a full day for our family. Full of the expected and the unexpected. I got up with Ben, per usual on a weekend morning, and as we played for the next couple of hours, I was going stir crazy. I needed… (read more)

Dinos and Ben Altered

Sounds like we’re headed to a life-size dinosaur replica exhibit today. That sentence doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. We had a surprise visit from a friend we haven’t seen in about five years (give or take). No time to cover that right now, so here’s Dave’s version of the Ben photo I posted on… (read more)

When Not to Delete a Photo (Pic of the Week)

(Note: Readers of “Apartment Life Returns” may now read the fourth installment) [photopress:DSC_7694_bw_grain_sm_blog.jpg,full,centered] This image is the result of toying with a photo that I knew had potential when I shot it, but presented many challenges before I arrived at the above. Instead of deleting it when I saw that it wasn’t exactly what I… (read more)

Binaural Tendencies

(“Apartment Life Returns,” new with more intrigue, continues for all who click here) Binaural Tendencies Almost a year ago, I mentioned binaural recordings in a post called “You Really Orta Hear This.” This time, feast your ears on a little slice of our lives. If you wear headphones or earbuds for this, you might swear… (read more)