Shan of the Modified Eyes

Shan of the Modified Eyes goes early Monday morning to have her right ocular jelly ball further enhanced.

Translation: My old lady’s going to get her right eye fixed — a-freakin’-gain.

Seven months after the first procedure, the doctor’s firing up the laser and taking aim. Seems Shannon’s right eye is a little worse than the left, and the follow-up surgery results in more pain than the first. Thus the decision to correct them one at a time and in the aforementioned order.

I’ve instructed her to take good mental notes, so that we can have another detailed account. A few folks have found us through that story and shared their Lasik surgery woes and triumphs. They have been encouraging, for the most part. Apparently about 10% of those who have this procedure have to go in for a follow-up. Sometimes it’s nice to be in the upper echelon, but this time not so much.

She rolls up at 5 a.m., and is in for a four to five hour ordeal. The good news this time is that, though not perfect yet, her vision is considerably better than it was during her first visit. She might have more visual data to pass along. We’ll see. Oh, sorry about that.

Welcome to this week, everybody. I hope it’s a good one.

5 thoughts on “Shan of the Modified Eyes

  1. Good luck. I’ll be sure to check back for updates.

    Shame your having so much trouble with it. I know a handful of people who have had similar experiences, but mine went off without a hitch. Hopefully it’ll all get written down as a grand success after tomorrow.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed tomorrow. In sprit anyway…it’s kinda hard to type with your fingers crossed.

  2. Thanks, you two. I just returned from lunch, and I got to see Shannon. She’s in more pain than the first time, and the “enhancement” process has new twists over the initial surgery. More to come.

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