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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

Mistress Momma Dogface Redux

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Below is the post that was inaccessible most of Tuesday, thanks to Web host problems. Enjoy. If you’ve already seen it, then take this time to go get caught up on “Falcon.”)

The things people search for online, and then somehow end up here, are often funny, sometimes sad, and sometimes scary.

I check to see how many people are reading this site, and how they’re finding it. A few get here via links from other sites, others are led here by a search engine like Google, and still more (I can only assume) get here by clicking their own Favorites or bookmarks, or just by typing the URL in the address bar.

It’s that second one that I present as exhibit A, in an uncensored screenshot.

Search Terms

I’ll let all of you contemplate how these search terms led people here.

My main tip for the completely wayward? Put quotes around your search when you Google for a specific set of words in a certain order. And don’t use a proper name as a verb.

(The guy in the latest Pic of the Week jumped right across there, no problems. See comments on that post for details.)

3 Responses to Mistress Momma Dogface Redux

  1. *LOL* Bad husband! Now thats’ too funny…..

    Have a good day bud.. and yes, I DO realize you aren’t FROM Texas, but transplanted there!

  2. Yeah?

    Well I’ve been googled by such luminary searches as:

    Uncle Junky
    Meatloaf recipe
    Large black flies

    OH yeah, and never go away that long again. Damn web hosts…

  3. Dave – I titled one of my posts with exactly those words, but in reality, I was just being hard on myself. Thanks, also, for acknowledging that I’m not a native Texan. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I have a heritage to uphold.

    Simon – Never put large black flies in your meatloaf, lest you end up looking like my Uncle Junky.

    And, yeah, damn web hosts. That’s what I get for $4.95 every six months. Seriously, they’ve always been very good, and at least there was a number to call and find out what was happening, and they explained it and apologized. Won’t get that with Blogger or some other big blogging site. Plus, I knew I had my own backup of my blog. That is worth a lot.


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