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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

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Benglish 2

(continue reading “Falcon” on my other blog) [photopress:DSC_6678_RB_chair.jpg,full,centered] Figure 1 – Ben’s Arkansas Razorback Chair Ben often makes up conversations between his toys, and sometimes he talks directly to them. Even something as simple as a chair (detail, Figure 1) purchased at a craft fair is not immune. My wife wrote down this one. “Do… (read more)

Flash How-To (Pic of the Week)

(If you’re reading, “Falcon,” then click here for Part Eight) I’ve heard it said that how-to’s are good subject matter for blogs. Welcome to my first. Here we have two pictures of our boy, Benjamin. The difference between them? It’s not different cameras, different lenses, or different settings. It isn’t some in-camera red-eye correction feature…. (read more)

Idle Hands and an Addled Mind

You ever make up weird voices when you’re bored? I don’t mean talking to yourself. That’s a whole different thing. I just mean, for fun, you play out stories with different characters with various accents. Male, female. You just let it all go and become a one-person show? No? I was afraid you were going… (read more)


(keep following “Falcon” over on my story blog) Ben asks for an apple. I gladly give him one after he says, “Please.” I start making myself a sandwich, which I plan to grill on the griddle I used to make pancakes earlier in the day. For some reason, every time I use that thing, it… (read more)