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Car Butt Genius

First, thanks to U.S. Veterans past, present, and future. For my wife’s family, it’s a time to gather for their annual reunion. We’re here and having a good time. One family member is a Vietnam Veteran who volunteered for additional tours on the front lines, but nobody mentions his military service. Maybe I will thank him on the golf course Monday morning.

The term “Memorial Day Sale” is a saddening reminder of the way our country has come to worship profits.

Speaking of worship… time for more bumper sticker fun.

I saw these on the back of a Chevy Tahoe SUV, none actually on the bumper.

On the lower left corner was an Ichthus, a Christian fish symbol, with a cross near where the fish’s eye would be.

Next was a white oval, with black lettering:
Jesus Freak
(click here to see it)

Under the JF sticker was this one:
Grace Happens
(could find no example of the exact sticker)

The best part was that the dealership had applied its own decal to the vehicle. It read:

Karl Chevrolet
New Canaan, CT

For me, a man brought up in a Christian church, the name “Canaan” conjures biblical references to a cursed land that God said was depraved. Apparently, that name was used long before the Bible.

You can learn a lot when composing a missive about bumper stickers.

4 Responses to Car Butt Genius

  1. The best part was that the fish ads in your link are promoted as “Godvertising”.

    You’d have to go to a cattle feed barn to get any cornier than that!

  2. Simon – Yeah, I hoped at least a few would click that link and see that page’s title. No cornier than a cattle feed barn? I just got back from baking in the sun on a golf course, after sleeping last night on a couch. I’m more worn out than a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest.

  3. Wow, Mark, that was a really lame joke. Lamer than a three-legged horse running through a gravel quarry.

  4. I would have a comment for some of the bumper stickers I see on people’s cars, Christian themed or other, but it would probably get me in trouble. :)


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