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Regular Life

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. – Robert Frost

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Rock Me

A co-worker returned from the doctor and announced, “I have strep.” We all knew what she meant, but my question (which I did not ask) was, “Really? Strep ear? Strep foot?” Sometimes abbreviating a term or a phrase can be funny, and sometimes it can be aggravating. I can’t stand it when someone about to… (read more)

Car Butt Genius

First, thanks to U.S. Veterans past, present, and future. For my wife’s family, it’s a time to gather for their annual reunion. We’re here and having a good time. One family member is a Vietnam Veteran who volunteered for additional tours on the front lines, but nobody mentions his military service. Maybe I will thank… (read more)

Shadow of the Lone Pterodactyl

[photopress:DSC_6416.jpg,full,centered] As much as he likes to throw it, Ben loves to kick his blue ball. To paraphrase a great quote from I can’t remember where, “his methods are unorthodoxed.” He walks right up to the ball, puts his foot against it, and then thrusts his foot forward. The ball rolls, and he likes it…. (read more)

America the Bountiful

I have heard folks in other countries accuse the United States of doing everything big to the point of excess. While I think it’s very difficult to form a fair opinion of a country until one has lived in it (and maybe even lived all your life in it), I can understand how at first… (read more)